A Question of Citizenship
The Argument for Adequate Income Support for People with Disabilities

The Saskatchewan Disability Income Support Coalition (DISC) was formed by a broad cross section of disability advocates, consumers and organizations. We have joined to speak as one voice and advocate for a distinct income system for people with disabilities who presently rely on social assistance for their income.

Our primary vision is to see developed and implemented a respectful and separate income system for people with disabilities that offers both an adequate baseline income and a user- friendly mechanism to address individual financial needs based on the impact of disability. An adequate baseline income must be implemented to accommodate and ameliorate for the most significant and common impact of disability, which is poverty.

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DISC Survey Report

A survey of Saskatchewan citizens with disabilities who utilize social assistance was conducted in the winter of 2007. The purpose of this research was to capture stories about the experience of being on social assistance as a person with a disability and to identify their suggestions for change.

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Conclusions from a Review of Eligibility Requirements in Income Security Programs in Canada

This report identifies:

  • Eligibility requirements for Income Assistance programs that are
    typical from province to province
  • Program features that support people with disabilities
  • Program features that should be avoided
  • Points for further consideration

All provinces provide to lesser and greater degrees:

  • Shelter allowance
  • Money for basic needs such as food
  • Basic telephone rental costs
  • Exemptions for employment income
  • Extra benefits for people with disabilities

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